Welcome to Liquor Lab Academy. Liquor Lab Academy is open to the public for private events, corporate events, and any other groups of people who wish to experience something unique in a private group. We offer many different types of interactive events which include Whiskey Labs, Craft Beer Labs, Wine Labs, and fully customizable experiences to entertain everyone from friends to clients. The Lab is a place where bartenders and consumers can learn, grow, and innovate, in a hands on interactive environment. If you would like to book or inquire about an event please contact us and we will respond in detail. If you are a bartender looking to advance your craft please reach out to us as we host many events that are free and designed to bring value to the trade. Our bartender education and innovation space is comprised of two separate bar kitchens. Here, bartenders can take advantage of our mentorship programs, bring in a friend to coach, or come to open lab hours and utilize the abundance of tools, ingredients, and resources we have to create new, and innovative liquids to push forward the evolution of the trade. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see you soon!!!


The Lab Events and Services